New Leadership in Manhattan/Nuevo Liderazgo en Manhattan

Tejada has a plan for Uptown
Bring together all community leaders, organizations, churches, businesses, union members, educators and all diverse groups existing in the area, in order to produce a common agenda. When the voices of the people and their concerns are heard about the problems that affect their quality of life, it is the best opportunity to move forward and make changes and, at the same time, create a people power. Along with Luis Tejada, the community will be also responsible to move the agenda in order to get the planed.
Luis Tejada will work hard, along with community leaders to:
Support a rezoning plan 100% affordable for low-income families.
Stop the closure of small businesses, the loss of jobs, the extortion of the owners and also the betrayal of being used by some elected officials, that are allies of the landlords by taking money to support their electoral campaigns.
Provide all necessary resources to educate, organize and mobilize tenants in order demand from the legislators in Albany strengthening the housing laws in 2019: Protect rent-regulated apartments by repealing vacancy deregulation, reform MCI’s, and protect tenants from huge rent increases from preferential rents. End vacancy bonus for landlords.
Improve quality education, bilingual programs, and better inside school’s conditions.
Luis Tejada The Tenant’s Candidate. A new leadership NOT controlled by the corrupt political machine, developers or landlords.