About Luis

Luis Tejada was born and raised in a very traditional, political town of Salcedo, in the
Dominican Republic. Three members of his family were assassinated by Trujillo’s dictatorship. The brutal murders of the Mirabal sisters and the electrocution of his uncle. Dr. Manuel Tejada, in 1960, had a life-changing impact on him.

As young boy, he was a student leader in high school and a member of a Catholic youth movement, which organized farmers and spearheaded a literacy project, to teach them how to read and write. Luis Tejada graduated from APEC University in Dominican Republic as an Electrical Engineer and obtained a Master’s Degree in Mathematics at CUNY.

Luis, became a national leader at one of the largest and well-known, Dominican, Electrical Workers’ labor union named SITRACODE.

At the age of 27, Luis Tejada migrated to the United States – New York City.  Here, he worked as a cab driver, building superintendent and a math teacher for middle schools and high schools. Later on, he taught mathematics at Boricua College.

In 2001, He Founded the “Mirabal Sisters Cultural and Community Center” (MSCCC), a grass-root, community based organization, which has been advocating to preserve and defend affordable housing, quality education for NYC children and social justice for the working class, for nearly 20 years!

Luis Tejada, is a diligent advocate for immigrant rights, and persevering activist against Police Brutality. Even today, Tejada continues to work closely with other community leaders to preserve thousands of affordable housing for all the poor communities of New York.  He is an activist dedicated to preventing and ultimately eliminating the displacement of thousands of families by predatory landlords, the unfair and unjust closing of small businesses, the loss of jobs and only favors rezoning, that benefits 100% of low-income families.

Tejada pioneered the implementation of interpretation and translation services for non-English speaking patients in Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He played a key role in the process to pass a law on lead control in apartments and, at the same time, demanded economic compensation for families with children already affected.

Tejada, has been one of the founders of the following coalitions: Northern Manhattan is not for Sale (NMN4S), Language Access Coalition, Stabilizing NYC Coalition (SNYC), The Coalition to Preserve the Community (CPC) against Columbia University Expansion Plan, Real Rent Reform (R3).  As part of the Rent Guidelines Board Coalition, Tejada helped mobilize hundreds of engaged tenants to achieve one-year rent leases’ freeze for two consecutive years.  A historical event that occurred for the first time in the Board’s 47-year history of Rental Guidelines. This victory has helped millions of New Yorkers to continue living in their rent stabilized apartments. Luis Tejada, has organized hundreds of tenants associations, since he founded the Mirabal Sisters Cultural and Community Center and guided the Healthy Families project, to assure that every single parent with children in public schools, would know their rights and grow their families without violence.

MSCCC, provides housing workshops, which addresses tenants’ complaints and lack of repairs/services and provides guidelines and assistance to save hundreds of homes in housing court against abusive, greedy landlords.

Luis Tejada, married Margarita Tejada, and they have three children: Luis, Crysbel and Manuel.   All three of their children are college graduates. He has received recognition for his work and dedication to preserve affordable housing from the following institutions: Community Board 9, Housing Court Answer, Coalition to Preserve the Community, Friends of Lead Free Children Foundation, Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), City Hall from his home town Salcedo.

Luis Tejada believes that choosing grassroots community leaders to represent the voices of the working class in any political electoral seat, will empower and engage the community getting involved in politics and become part of the solution to problems affect them.

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